From the Manual:

Once upon a time there was a man named Urgan. Urgan lived in front of his computer, talking to people that were theoreticaly female. One day, while engaging in his favorite activity, the following conversation occured:

The Urg: Hey baby :p
h0tchix0rzpr1nce554348: hi ^_^
h0tchix0rzpr1nce55: i hav a problm cn u help me????// ^_^;;
The Urg: Anything for you, babe ;P
h0tchix0rzpr1nce55: sum evil dragen d00d stole my land's kolor -_- kan u come here an help????/// ill marry u if u do!!!111 ^_^
The Urg: Sure! :p

And at that very moment, Urgan was sucked into his computer, into another world.

A bleak world of nothing but blackness and whiteness, a strange figure handed Urgan a magical rod. "Use this to attack those who are stealing our color- the color will destroy them" the figure says while slowly fading and continues with: "Use the WASD keys to shoot in that corresponding direction". Nearly gone it spoke also: "Should you need a healing, drink from the bright waters after coloring them!" the figure gasped out in a failing voice "And do not fight the dragon in his own lair- go to the mountains first, for in his realm you shall surely perish!". Finally, the figure was gone and Urgan began his quest... a quest for color.


Urgan the White in: THE QUEST FOR COLOR (without Sphere)

Urgan the White in: THE QUEST FOR COLOR (with Sphere)

Sphere is a free open-source Game Creation Engine that can be obtained here, if you don't have it just download the second version which includes a stripped-down version of it with the game.

Produced by Team DUMB Featuring Graphics & Music by Salamando
And Programming, Maps, & Design by SDHawk

Created in roughly 10-12hrs, though intended to be done in 2hrs.

Made in Sphere.